Biden-Enlists-World-Class-CThe Biden Administration is set to release a comprehensive National Cyber Strategy that will work to strengthen the security of our nation’s digital infrastructure and protect us from malicious cyber threats. This strategy comes when cybersecurity is more important than ever, as cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and technology. This strategy will outline the steps necessary for the government to protect itself from these threats and ensure our digital safety. 

What Is Included in the National Cyber Strategy?

The strategy outlines several initiatives the federal government can take to better protect against cyberattacks. These include creating more substantial standards for federal agencies and departments; increasing agency collaboration on security matters; developing new technologies and processes to detect emerging threats better; improving public-private partnership efforts; and implementing a whole-of-government approach to dealing with cyber threats. 

The strategy also calls for closer partnerships with industry, academia, civil society organizations, international partners, state and local governments, and other stakeholders to build a more secure cyberspace. It also seeks to develop ways for agencies and departments to collaborate on information sharing related to cybersecurity issues and methods for them to share best practices that one can implement across the board.

Finally, it calls for “robust diplomatic engagement” with other countries to establish shared norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace and develop effective responses when incidents occur. These initiatives aim to strengthen our nation’s cybersecurity posture while promoting an open Internet safe from malicious actors.

What Makes The Strategy Unique

It is common for a new administration to release a national cybersecurity strategy, as it allows them to set the priorities and direction for their approach to cybersecurity. However, what may be unique about the Biden administration’s national cyber strategy is the specific challenges and threats that it will address. For example, the system may emphasize addressing the threat of state-sponsored cyberattacks or prioritize strengthening critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Additionally, the strategy may outline new initiatives or approaches to managing cyber threats, such as increased collaboration with the private sector or developing new technologies. 

How Will This Help Improve Security?

The Biden Administration’s National Cyber Strategy will help improve security by guiding how federal agencies respond when faced with a security incident or threat. It will also help provide clarity on what steps must be taken when sharing information or data between agencies or departments so that they can stay ahead of potential threats. 

Additionally, it will foster collaboration between public and private entities to work together toward building more robust defenses against cyber threats. Finally, it will provide direction on how the government should engage internationally to work with other countries to establish shared norms of responsible behavior online. 


As cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated in their tactics, strong national guidelines must dictate how our government handles cybersecurity issues internally and externally. The Biden Administration’s National Cyber Strategy provides a comprehensive set of steps to strengthen our nation’s digital infrastructure while protecting us from malicious cyber threats. By following these guidelines, one can ensure that they remain one step ahead of those who seek to do them harm online.