Manufacturing and Logistics

The complex information flow between multiple parties across the supply chain is essential to success. Information technology systems have a huge impact on supply interruption, delivery performance, cost and efficiency, regulatory compliance, and legal risks. Today manufacturers and logistics providers of all sizes need not only tough security but also the ability to validate compliance to a broad audience of stakeholders.

Cybersecurity Threats


While this sector is no stranger to regulations, the challenges have heightened the importance of effective cybersecurity to continue to provide the confidential and accurate flow of information to keep economies growing. The threat landscape is rapidly changing with hackers targeting sensitive supply chain information that is often sold to the highest bidder. 

Compliance Risks


Manufacturing and logistics organizations must also comply with government and industry standards including HIPAA, and PCI, and protect sensitive supply chain data. These legal and regulatory requirements result in complex risks that are increasingly more pronounced as the sector expands the use of technology enablers such as RFID, mobile connectivity, online procurement, and payment gateways.

TrustNet´s industry experts understand these challenges and help logistic organizations to mitigate these risks by providing the most effective and efficient security and compliance solutions. 

Cybersecurity Services

Legal and regulatory requirements result in complex risks. Our experience with manufacturers and logistics providers enables TrustNet to create customized compliance solutions to meet the needs of your institution.


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