Education and Non-profit

The education and not-for-profit entities are characterized by the need for accountability from both private and public stakeholders. Balancing the need for a free flow of information with security controls is especially difficult when IT infrastructure is decentralized, users have diverse needs, and sensitive information and intellectual property must be firmly protected.

Cybersecurity Threats


Education and non-profit sector accumulates tremendous amounts of data. Much of that data, including payment card numbers, healthcare information, social security numbers, and other personally identifiable information, is highly confidential. 

The threat landscape has rapidly changed with hackers targeting sensitive information that is often sold to the highest bidder. Today’s challenges have heightened the importance of effective cybersecurity to provide much needed services.

Compliance Risks


Education and not-for-profit organizations must also comply with government and industry standards such as FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI, and protect sensitive constituent data. These legal and regulatory requirements result in complex risks that are increasingly more pronounced as institutions lead-out with technology enablers such as mobile connectivity, online procurement, and payment gateways.

TrustNet has industry experts with deep understanding of the unique challenges of education and not-for-profit entities. This experience enables TrustNet to help organizations in this sector to mitigate these risks and provide the most effective and efficient security and compliance solutions. 

Cybersecurity Services

Legal and regulatory requirements result in complex risks. Our experience with education and not-for-profit entities enables TrustNet to create customized compliance solutions to meet the needs of your institution.


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