Threat Management

Accelerated Incident Response and Threat Management
Our platform coordinates threat detection, incident response and threat management with built-in security capabilities, integrated threat intelligence, and seamless workflow for rapid remediation. Consolidating threat detection capabilities like network IDS and host IDS with granular asset information, continuous vulnerability assessment, and behavioral monitoring provides a comprehensive view for timely and effective response.

Our incident response and threat management services ensure we can quickly:

Identify, isolate, and investigate indicators of compromise (IOCs) before damage can occur
Correlate security events with built-in vulnerability scan data and Threat Intelligence to prioritize response efforts
Gain essential insight into attackers’ intent as well as techniques
Respond to emerging threats through a detailed incident management approach
Validate that existing security controls are functioning as expected
Demonstrate to auditors and management that your incident response program is robust and reliable

Visualize and Map Threats

Intelligent Threat Management with Kill Chain Taxonomy

Our rapid Incident Response capabilities mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized and unintended exposure of confidential data. Effective incident response requires successful threat management and prioritization.

Our platform uses a Kill Chain Taxonomy to make threat management and prioritization easy. The Kill Chain Taxonomy approach enables us to focus attention on the most important threats by breaking attacks out into five threat categories, from highest to lowest. This shows us attack intent and threat severity, and provides us with detailed contextual threat information to understand how an attacker is interacting with your network.
System Compromise – Behavior indicating a compromised system
Exploitation and Installation – Behavior indicating a successful exploit of a vulnerability or backdoor/RAT being installed on a system
Delivery and Attack – Behavior indicating an attempted delivery of an exploit
Reconnaissance and Probing – Behavior indicating a bad actor attempting to discover information about your network
Environmental Awareness – Behavior indicating policy violations, vulnerable software, or suspicious communications
Threat Detection
Global research team and crowd sourced threat intelligence identify new threats and vulnerabilities and updates our platform every 30 minutes so you don’t have to.
Intrusion Detection (IDS)
Identify threats targeting vulnerable systems with signature-based anomaly detection and protocol analysis technologies. Identify the latest attacks, malware infections, system compromise techniques, policy violations, and other exposures.
Host Intrusion Detection (HIDS)
Analyze system behavior and configuration status to track user access and activity. Detect potential security exposures such as system compromise, modification of critical configuration files, common rootkits, and rogue processes.
Wireless Intrusion Detection (WIDS)
A cutting edge wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system. Defend the airwaves by detecting, identifying and alerting nefarious wireless traffic. Use the WIDS to identify unauthorized Wireless Access Points (Rogue AP Detection).
Threat Analysis
Our integrated platform detects and analyzes threats and delivers essential security capabilities managed from a single console, providing a compressive view of your security posture.
Ransomware Detection
Ransomware presents a unique challenge in their ability to evade detection and execute their attack. Our platform delivers essential ransomware detection capabilities including enhanced network visibility, monitoring critical files and registry entries, and alerts on critical service status changes.
Advanced Persistent Threat Detection
We are armed with best-in-breed technologies to detect APTs at every stage of an attack. Our intuitive platform, provides the security capabilities needed to minimize damage to your environment.
Insider Threat Detection
Insider threat detection can be challenging because it often spans across a multitude of systems. We use behavioral monitoring, privilege escalation detection, and event correlation to detect and minimize threats from within.
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