Technology and Telecommunications

The technology and telecommunications industry is characterized by rapid change. As the industry continues to evolve into a colossal network of interrelated and interdependent providers, each organization’s information technology infrastructure has become a critical growth enabler. The need for security and compliance management becomes more significant as these organizations continue to innovate and expand into new markets.

Cybersecurity Threats


Safeguarding data in today’s technology and telecommunication environment presents a significant challenge given the need for containing costs, providing speed, and convenience. These challenges have heightened the need for effective cybersecurity so the organization can continue delivering secure commerce platforms and supporting corporate business goals.

Compliance Risks


Technology and telecommunications organizations of all sizes need not only tight security but also the ability to validate compliance to a broad audience of stakeholders.


TrustNet has experts with deep understanding of the unique challenges of the technology and telecommunications industry. This experience enables TrustNet to provide the most effective and efficient security and compliance solutions that meet the needs of your organization.

Cybersecurity Services

Legal and regulatory requirements result in complex risks. Our experience with technology and telecommunications providers enables TrustNet to create customized compliance solutions.


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