Enterprise Security Awareness Training

TrustNet’s Enterprise Awareness Training Platform delivers a comprehensive solution that unifies immersive online education and testing to deliver best in class security awareness content and phishing training. Launch orchestrated attacks and ongoing assessments to train employees and maintain company security and resiliency.

The Training Platform Provides:

User training

Extensive security education material: articles and graphics to games, movies, and immersive educational programs.


User phishing

Top of the line, automatic, fabricated phishing, vishing and smishing attacks. Thousands of re-usable templates and phishing patterns.


Industrial scale reporting options. General and detailed data with graphs ready to be used in management reports and statements. 

With cyber-attacks so commonplace, your web infrastructure is only as strong as your weakest link — your employees. The types of threats your employees face is multiplying every day and the exposure to a breach could cripple your business. These threats necessitate the implementation of an appropriate training program overseen by a team of cybersecurity experts. 

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Platform Features Include

Integrated Platform

The modules are unified into one user-friendly interface, allowing you to immediately imitate attacks and begin user education.

Randomised Attacks

Over 4,000+ phishing messages to choose from, distributed throughout the work day. Each employee gets their own unique phishing message at a random time.  Templates are added and updated routinely.

No License Restrictions

Multiple training access levels with a selection of 1,000+ features depending on your chosen plan. Convenient licensing plans with limitless use of phishing tools.

Outstanding Tech Support

All clients are immediately enlisted into the tech support program based in the United States.

Enterprise Grade Reporting

Enterprise-level reporting shows your whole company’s security awareness status. Monitor education progress and data reports collected through phishing simulations. Reporting APIs assist in connecting personalized reports with BI systems.   

Risk Score

Pinpoint risks at any of the organization’s tiers. Adjust your security awareness strategy by making decisions based on data.

TrustNet offers a vast security education material directory with 1000+ pieces of content ranging from articles and graphics to games, movies and immersive educational programs.

Security Awareness Training Platform

Immediately assess the level of security awareness of your employees once you begin the education program.

Phishing Security Tests

Sophisticated training program enables easy onboarding plus phishing security tests before and after completion of the course. The platform implements random recurring phishing checks to assess your employees’ knowledge and offers remedial measures in case of failure.

Advanced End-user Interface

The interface has been revised for a seamless learning experience. We have multiple languages available, allowing your employees to choose the one they are most familiar with for the engaging learning course.

Automated Security Awareness Program

Improving your human firewall is no easy task. Restrictions lie in budgets, time and insufficient expertise required to evolve into a complete security awareness program.  Our Automated Security Awareness Program kick-starts a fully developed training course in a few quick steps.

Training Access

With access to 1,000+ materials, courses range from bite-sized 5 and 15 minute sessions to more extensive 25 and 45 minute examples, dedicated to ensuring workers’ comprehension of how spam, phishing, spear-phishing, malware and social engineering systems work. Education incorporates examples of typical traps, video explanations, brief content quizzes, and case studies.

Phishing & Vishing

Pre-orchestrate routine phishing security tests from a selection of over 4,000 attack models, or pick a template designed by the public. Customizing your very own phishing model is also available.

Industry Benchmarking

NEW Industry Benchmarking option allows comparison of your company’s phishing vulnerability level alongside other businesses in your industry. Observe employees’ improvement in phishing knowledge through any time period and study their progress since your original phishing test.

Watch your employees’ security awareness grow and upgrade your IT fortifications through interval phishing attacks and educational programs. Harnessing machine learning, our reporting system benchmarks your employees to the others in the industry.

Phishing Reply Tracking

Our Capture the information your employees have sent in their response to phony phishing messages. Link tracking shows what your employees have clicked.

If simulated attacks are successful, you are given a handful of choices to remedy the situation, including immediate correctional training.

User Management and Reporting

Automate simulated attacks, education, and reporting

Our technology collects behavioral user data to customize the most effective phishing attack as well as the correctional steps taken afterwards.

Simplify complex workflow and gain the assurance that each of your employees becomes a significantly strengthened link in your security chain.

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration simplifies the process of uploading member data by getting rid of manual management. After the ADI is set, uploading, modification, and saving of members is automatically synced without any adjustments in AD. 

Enterprise-strength Reporting

Pinpoint the weak spots in your cyber security and minimize security vulnerability throughout your company with advanced reporting features. Get the information needed to increase education ROI and maintain compliance with security guidelines.

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