SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service for business analyzes the networks of a company through the help of a managed security operations center. This streamlines the process of growth for a company, allowing them to focus on their core strengths while reaping the benefits of having the most advanced engineering talent on the cybersecurity front.

Each year cyberattacks become increasingly more frequent, severe, and widespread, causing data security to become an ever more critical concern among enterprise businesses. The business, government and healthcare sector have all witnessed the frequent, persevering attacks despite their use of top-of-the-line, in-house security systems. Attacks occur within the blink of an eye in nearly one-third of all cases, leaving only seconds for the targeted parties to recuperate and fortify their losses. One such breach of Equifax in 2017 serves as an extreme example of an online company not taking the proper precautions against cyberattacks.

Dynamic protection

SOC as a Service offers companies dynamic protection that standalone hardware security systems are unable to provide.

Any company with its computers connected to the internet is vulnerable to having its data compromised and system infected by malicious intruders. 

Cybercrimes can range from basic network attacks to identity theft, with some of the worst ones targeting the sensitive and highly-classified information of account holders of a company or service. This information includes but is not limited to credit card information, identities, and personal contact information.

New level of Cybersecurity

By tasking dedicated security engineers with monitoring the network activity of client businesses, SOC as a Service takes security to a new level. The layers of protection that it offers defy even the sliest of cyber criminals.

Possessing an advanced skill set and thorough training, SOC engineers are able to supply vital security updates as well as regular reports that assess the current state of network activity. 

SOC Challenges


Both the initial and sustained funding to build the SOC can quickly become an impregnable challenge to the unprepared.


Costs include but are not limited to construction costs, acquisition of equipment, and most importantly staffing. In addition, recurring expenses such as salaries, equipment maintenance, utility fees, and staff training must be considered in the long run when sustaining a SOC team. 

Since the threat of an attack never sleeps, SOC must be operated around the clock, and that means significantly increased recurring expenses. Chief among these expenses being the costs of adapting to constant changes in security via new technologies, and the ability of the staff to address and neutralize new threats. 


The complexity of finding security solutions is no secret, requiring the collection, synthesis, and analysis of millions (if not billions) of digital fingerprints.


Security professionals able to locate a needle in a haystack of data are few and far between, and are difficult to hire and maintain due to their shortage across the world. Considering the small number of security engineers capable of handling today’s most advanced threats, the division of a company’s attention between its own layers of management breeds weaknesses in security parameters in and of itself.

Competitive recruitment challenges and frequent staffing churn are inevitable due to the supply and demand in the given area. Inability to staff the right security capabilities coupled with the need for continuous training of staff in an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape could spell disaster for many attempting this challenge. 

SOC as a Service Features


Advanced Event Analysis

Millions of Events Scanned

Advanced computer hardware and the engineering expertise of trained professionals allows SOC as a Service teams to scan millions of events occurring in real-time over immense computer networks. 

Threats Ranked

Quantify the Severity of Threats

SOC as a Service can afford companies to quantify the severity of threats within their data layers, as well as rank the importance and sensitivity of the data within the layers themselves. Different threats show up within different levels of a computer system, some of which can be malicious, and require immediate action.


Round-the-clock monitoring

SOC as a Service teams ensures that no threat goes undetected for an extended period of time. The moment any suspicious activity shows up on their radar, SOC teams notify companies that could be under attack from these sources.

Efficient Action

SOC as a Service distinguishes between threats with ease, allowing to take action against them with substantially more efficiency. Assert control over the weaknesses and holes within your security matrix


SOC teams and hardware systems that protect the company from cyber intrusions are located off-site, therefore both large and small businesses avoid the added expense of staffing, housing, and maintaining an on-site operations center. 

We provide cloud-based SOC covering threat detection, protection, and automated response to our clients. Optimize the current security program by achieving a particular security standard or installing a SOC program from the ground up.

TrustNet provides access to:

Vast Cybersecurity Expertise

Dedicated Senior Security Professionals

Advanced Technology

SOC as a Service Levels

SOC as a Service caters to the needs of every business with the different levels of services offered


Preferred degree of protection for the smaller company that doesn’t keep extensive databases or operate high-tech infrastructures.

Basic protection against cyber threats, consists of year-round, daily monitoring and status reports to enact your own security measures.


Designed to suit the needs of companies that require a more advanced degree of protection, with the status reports and monitoring of networks delivered on an hourly basis, 24/7, year-round.

Your team monitors and neutralizes any potential threats through our cloud-based SIEM service.

Fully managed

Premium level for larger companies operating on vast networks with massive logs of critical data.

Security information and event management (SIEM) service where your team is not involved, and everything is handled by us.

Our Technology

Threat Intelligence

Connected to a global community of threat researchers and security professionals.



daily threat indicators

TrustNet SOC as a Service Benefits

Reduced Response Time

With threats becoming more frequent and sudden, swift action is paramount to alleviating them. TrustNet accelerates SOC operations and streamlines managed security workflows by connecting directly to third-party security services. Working directly with them allows us to coordinate and automate your incident response activities. 

Fast Deployment

You will gain all of the value of SOC as a Service within a fraction of the time it takes to set up an operations center. Once deployment is finished, our platform will auto-discover detailed security insights on all of your  assets on both cloud and on-site environments. The rich detail coupled with security analytics about managed assets is key to integrating increased stability into your security and compliance posture.

Complete Threat Monitoring

Our platform orchestrates the vital SOC services into a single combined solution, with near-preemptive detection capabilities on a broad spectrum of threats. Because of the coordination of security capabilities within one system, you receive much more vivid and precise threat context on every alarm – all within a single display.

Centralized View

TrustNet consolidates all your instances into a single screen, discarding the need to deploy and manage on-site equipment at your locations. Our technology eliminates the need to log in and log out of separate consoles, giving us the ability to click through on any alarm directly.

Automated Security Analytics and Alarm Prioritization

Our technology includes an automated security analytics and alarm prioritization feature which illustrates how cyber-attacks develop. This affords TrustNet the knowledge of knowing which attacks pose the greatest threat to our customers. In addition, every alarm provides specific response guidance, which allows us to have greater efficiency in containing the threat instead of spending time researching it.

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