Compliance Management Platform

PCI DSS Accelerator Program

TrustNet’s Accelerator Program combines our world-class audit team with a state of the art audit compliance technology.

We help businesses from the startup phase through to the finish line of the compliance assessment with real-time visibility of the process at a reasonable cost.

TrustNet has performed hundreds of assessments and has tremendous experience successfully guiding businesses through the process.

The PCI DSS Accelerator Package Includes

Project Management

We deploy a dedicated compliance manager throughout the project. One-on-one consulting with PCI DSS experts and answers to all your questions

Policies and Procedures

We establish boundaries, guidelines and best practices, create customized compliance policies and procedures

Readiness Assessment

Expert analysis and guidance. We perform a gap assessment and provide a remediation roadmap, assess your existing controls and build new ones


We ensure visibility, executive reporting and monitor PCI DSS compliance year-round


We pre-certify your PCI DSS compliance and manage your independent PCI DSS audit


We optimize your PCI DSS compliance management by using an intuitive easy-to-use platform to organize, standardize, and automate our work.

Accelerate Compliance

Limited compliance and security resources, modest budgets, and less developed company policies and procedures are just a few of the issues facing first-timers. Our PCI DSS Accelerator Program is designed to mitigate these issues and prepare our Client’s for success.

Our compliance team assigns responsibilities, manages what work needs to be done, and ensures real-time reporting with dashboards and executive briefings.

Why PCI DSS Accelerator Works


We do it for you with effortless onboarding and no compliance headaches


The quickest path to compliance


Deep cybersecurity and compliance skills and experience


Excellent value for money

TrustNet provides the people, process and technology

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What We Do For You

Dedicated Team

We plan and execute all compliance work

Compliance requires hard-to-find skills and experience (cybersecurity, IT, and audit) . Lack of skills and experience increases the likelihood of errors and audit failure has very negative consequences

The TrustNet team does the heavy lifting of compliance to meet your PCI DSS objectives year-round. Our industry-leading technology and skilled team of experts unite to deliver world-class service 24/7. 

TrustNet serves clients of all sizes, across multiple industries with extensive expertise and over a decade of experience.

Plan and Execute All Compliance Work

Jumpstart your compliance/audit-preparation effort

TrustNet accelerates PCI DSS compliance with best-in-class framework, control libraries, automated evidence-collection processes, and pre-certification audit-readiness assessments.

TrustNet provides dedicated and trained compliance experts. We optimize compliance tasks by creating, organizing, automating, and monitoring compliance activities.

With TrustNet, you can get started quickly with a PCI DSS compliance framework, cut out manual work and gauge your audit-preparedness posture in real-time.

Utilize compliance program templates
The platform comes with a quickstart template for PCI DSS and a growing library of others – including SOC 2, ISO 27001 and many others; each featuring requirements and illustrative controls.
Measure Progress
With filterable dashboards and drill-down reports, TrustNet pros quickly gauge readiness for an upcoming audit, see what work needs to be done, who’s responsible for the next steps, and whether adjustments need to be made to their project timeline.


Define, standardize and automate workflows

TrustNet’s platform comes with workflow optimization and automation features that make control mapping (to compliance requirements and to other controls), control implementation, evidence collection, testing, and monitoring far more organized and efficient.

Assign Control Ownership

Our platfform makes it easy to assign controls to individuals or teams, call out what they need to do to operate a control, and when review activities need to happen. And it’s simple to re-assign controls when people shift around.

Streamline Control Management
As the scope of certifications increases, compliance teams may need to onboard additional products and/or owners onto controls. The platform’s team assignments allow for quick onboarding of new products and/or control owners through child controls while maintaining common information at the parent control level.

Evidence Management

An evidence management system that scales

Evidence collection is tedious and expensive engineering resources waste time gathering audit evidence. With our platform we save time when collecting evidence of controls’ effectiveness, while ensuring that evidence collection tasks happen consistently to produce relevant and fresh compliance artefacts.

Re-use Evidence

With our platform, all evidence can be centrally stored, categorized appropriately, labeled, mapped back to specific controls and regulatory requirements, and made accessible to stakeholders across all various corporate and product groups.

Ensure consistent evidence management
Evidence can be shared across an organization so that stakeholders in one business unit or group can see what another group is doing and apply those same policies and practices within their domain. This helps ensure that consistent evidence management practices are implemented across a company.
Automatically collect latest policies
Security assessments always involve an auditor’s review of your company’s current security policies, incident response plan, business continuity plan, privacy policies, and other documents. The platform integrates with many cloud-based file storage systems so the latest versions of company policies and key documents can be pulled in automatically.
Automatically collect fresh evidence
We can automatically collect proof from dozens of cloud-based apps and services on a cadence or on-demand. Types of proof we can automatically collect include: Backup settings, encryption settings, access groups, lists of users, code change management evidence, and more.


Audit management and continuous compliance

TrustNet manages audit lifecycles year-round, pre-certifies controls before audits begin, and manages information requests and external audits.

We break down risk silos and avoid redundant activities. Then identify, assess, and manage your risks in the context of your company’s core mission and objectives.

Identify, Assess and Prioritize Risks
Risk owners from all functions and business units can document their risks and risk treatment plans, and organizations’ leaders can better prioritize risk management activities. Risk scoring criteria can be customized.
Integrate Risk and Compliance Activities
We tie a control to a risk and gauge how much of a specific risk has been mitigated by existing controls vs. the residual risk that remains. Provide your leadership team with insights into how risks are being managed and which risk mitigation activities to prioritize.

Real-time Visibility

Report on your risk, security and compliance posture

With TrustNet you can monitor your risk, security, and compliance posture in real-time via dashboards, showcase your progress with custom reports, and effectively communicate to company executives why security and compliance work matter.

Executive Overview Dashboard

With our platform, all evidence can be centrally stored, categorized appropriately, labeled, mapped back to specific controls and regulatory requirements, and made accessible to stakeholders across all various corporate and product groups.

Program-Level Reporting
Our pros see in real-time how close your organization is to being PCI DSS compliant, what work still needs to be done and instantly drill into problem areas, such as controls with critical health status.
Audit-Level Reporting
Trustnet visualizes the work that needs to be done to be ready for upcoming audits. Get real-time updates on your organization’s audit readiness posture.
AD - Hoc, customizable reports
The platform allows us to generate ad-hoc reports or PDFs of customized dashboards and export and share them with your stakeholders. You can also schedule reports to be delivered to people through email.

TrustNet accelerates PCI DSS compliance to get you certified in no time.

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Integrate and Automate


TrustNet integrates with your tech stack, including cloud infrastructure, DevOps, security, and business applications so that compliance work can fit seamlessly into your existing business processes and workflows.

TrustNet has helped hundreds of clients with PCI DSS assessments and has tremendous experience serving businesses around the world. As a licensed AICPA firm, TrustNet is exceptionally well-positioned to provide the knowledge and capabilities to help clients from the initial gap assessment through to a full PCI DSS audit. What we provide is deep experience, an advanced technology, and quality professional services. Just ask our clients.