Penetration Testing

SOC – System and Organization Controls

Identifying Weaknesses To Improve Security and Reduce Potential Attack Surfaces

Penetration testing is a cybersecurity best practice that helps ensure IT environments are properly secured and vulnerabilities are appropriately patched. A penetration test seeks to determine whether and how a malicious user can gain unauthorized access to information assets.

Our Services include:

External Penetration Testing

Internal Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing

Network Layer Testing

Network Penetration Testing
We simulate real-world attacks to provide a point-in-time assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your network infrastructure. TrustNet has the expertise to test external networks for any hosting service. We execute black-box, grey-box, and white-box testing based on the environment and client needs.

Identify and exploit vulnerabilities on systems, services and applications exposed to the Internet

Emulate a malicious insider or an attacker that has gained access to an end user’s system

Understand risk to the business from a cyber breach

Black Box Penetration Testing

Performed from a “black box” or “zero knowledge” perspective; without authenticated access and limited or no prior knowledge about the implementation details of the target, and in-scope applications.

Grey Box Penetration Testing

Emulate a malicious insider or an attacker that has gained access to an end user’s system

For over a decade TrustNet has performed penetration tests to help organizations uncover hidden security vulnerabilities. Our proven methodology provides actionable steps for ensuring the security of your systems.
Scope includes:

Determine the effectiveness of your network security

Discover whether critical data is at risk

Gain insight into potential attack vectors

Find emerging threats in your environment


See how we identify potential issues in IT infrastructure by locating vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they impact your business

Our Services include:

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud environments represent a unique set of security challenges including the assessment of cloud-based microservices, in-memory data stores, and serverless functions. TrustNet leverages industry standards including NIST SP800-115, a peer-reviewed methodology for performing security tests and metrics. We also incorporate aspects of other methodologies from OSSTMM, ISACA, ISSAF, and OWASP.

Wireless Technology Assessments

Internet-aware devices include commercial Internet of Things (IoT) devices to automotive, healthcare, and mission critical industrial control systems. TrustNet’s testing approach goes beyond basic device testing to consider the entire ecosystem of the target, covering communications channels and protocols, encryption, APIs, firmware, and other critical areas.

Social Engineering

Assess your organization’s security awareness posture through simulated phishing, baiting and other techniques.

Web Application Testing

We leverage cutting edge technologies and industry frameworks, including OWASP, to create a comprehensive approach for assessing the security of web-based applications.


Detailed Report

Description of vulnerabilities and proof of concept for each finding

Risk Mapping

Root cause and risk severity ratings

Remediation Report

Detailed remediation recommendations and approach

Retest and Final Report

A final clean report following remediation and retesting

TrustNavigator™ Penetration Testing Approach
Our best-practices methodology has been fine-tuned over decades of experience.

TrustNet accelerates compliance to get you certified in no time.

TrustNet has helped hundreds of clients and has tremendous experience serving businesses around the world. As a licensed AICPA firm, TrustNet is exceptionally well-positioned to provide the knowledge and capabilities to help clients from the initial gap assessment through to a full audit. What we provide is deep experience, an advanced technology, and quality professional services. Just ask our clients.

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