Vendor Risk Management

We saw immediate results from iTrust’s real-time vendor risk monitoring.”

– iTrust user

Businesses lack visibility into third-party cybersecurity and compliance risks


Third-party cybersecurity risk is the most significant issue facing risk professionals


of all businesses experienced a third-party data breach


of organizations admit they don’t manage third-party risks effectively


Number of businesses hacked every day.

Cloud Platform for Automated and Continuous Cybersecurity Risk Ratings

“Customers point to iTrust’s real-time monitoring as one of its top strengths”

Forrester New Wave Report

Real-Time Monitor

Manage Remediation

Validate Compliance

iTrust Solutions

“A team of experienced security analysts and consultants that can keep development on the right trajectory”

Independent Technical Testing

Vulnerability Scanning
Dark Web Analysis
Aggregated Web Data

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuously and efficiently assess its security posture

Proprietary Data Points

Insider Risk Assessment

Assess cybersecurity risks

Compliance Status

Track compliance status and expiration dates

Compliance Surveys

Collect detailed compliance data

Crowdsource Reputation Ratings

Monitor crowdsourced reputation ratings from industry peers and partners

Network Security

Analyse vulnerabilities on exposed network services

DNS Resilience

Access DNS Configs and Anti-Spoofing defenses

Web Application Security

Analyse web-app vulnerabilities through scanning, intercepting proxies and web crawlers

Hacker Threat Analysis

Monitor underground hacker sites and the dark web

Breach Metrics

Identify known breaches and remediation responses

Patching Cadence

Measure patch management and response rates over time

Business Value

Scope includes:

360° visibility of vendors’ cybersecurity risks

12+ metric scores of various parameters

Comprehensive risk rating score

Vendor’s compliance up-to-date status

Monitoring and alerting of potential threats