world password day 2022One of the most fun and effective ways to spread public awareness about a topic or issue is to commemorate it by devoting a specific day in its honor. With the help of powerful social media forums and passionate advocates, everything from puppies to pirates can be brought to the forefront of our collective awareness. In light of this trend, it’s no wonder that digital security advocates will be once again celebrating World Password Day in 2022.

What Is World Password Day?

On the first Thursday in May of every year, strong passwords are emphasized. As our awareness of the significance of these uniquely personalized access codes increases, advocates hope that end-users on all systems will improve the strength of their customized passcodes and enhance their focus on cybersecurity in their daily lives.

History of Password Day

Security researcher Mark Burnett most notably began to focus on the importance of passwords in his book Perfect Password: Selection, Protection, Authentication, published in 2005. He suggested that people devote a specific day to updating and strengthening their internet passwords. Few would argue with the sagacity of his advice.

After all, strong passwords serve as the gatekeepers protecting digital accounts and websites from unauthorized access.

Inspired by Burnett’s foresight to bring password strength to everyone’s attention, Intel Security took it to heart. They recommended that World Password Day be commemorated yearly on the first Thursday of May.

How do you celebrate password day?

Some might be led to wonder why so much fuss is being made about the humble password. The reality is that recent and widespread incidents of data breaches emphasize how vital it is for organizations and end-users alike to make information security their top priority.

In recent years, the cloud-based data storage services that have gained such popularity have become the repositories of seemingly infinite amounts of sensitive data. Bank account information, health details, shopping facts, and work-related specifics are now stored online, usually off-site and far away from the people, they pertain to. When digital safety perimeters such as passwords are lax, this information is ripe for the picking by criminals worldwide.

Information security experts continue to develop more sophisticated protective measures to safeguard our digital treasure troves. Two of the most effective are password managers that can generate and store passcodes, making them easier to retrieve and make complex, and multi-factor authentication that requires an additional layer of identification before a user can gain access to their information.

World Password Day can act as a tangible date on which people focus on learning about these strengthening techniques and incorporating them into their daily habits.

How to Observe World Password Day

How do you celebrate World Password Day? As you might imagine, the answers lie online. Here are just a few suggestions about how to make this day a memorable and effective one:


Take the World Password Day pledge

Leverage the power of social media to share password tips. (Using the hashtag #WorldPasswordDay, advise your followers to adopt passwords containing at least 16 characters, including numbers, upper and lower-case letters, and special characters. Encourage them to use two-factor authentication, and urge everyone to change their passwords regularly)

Follow our advice on changing your weak passwords into strong ones

Turn on two-factor authentication for all accounts

Host a password party, inviting friends in person and virtually

Launch a campaign to raise public awareness about this special day. On your own or with help from your friends or work colleagues, take steps to preach the gospel of good cyber hygiene far and wide. You might consider printing banners or flyers or even creating T-shirts that you can market.

When is World Password Day in 2022?

In 1961, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created the first internet password, making it possible for two or more individuals to share the same computer system. Over the next six decades, the use of the internet has skyrocketed, further underscoring how crucial cybersecurity has become.

This year, World Password Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 5. While it might get a run for its money because it coincides with Cinco de Mayo, there is no doubt that cybersecurity enthusiasts everywhere will be embracing it. After all, spreading the news about setting and maintaining strong passwords will keep the internet safer for everyone.