Blog  TrustNet’s Takeaways from CyberDefenseCon 2023

TrustNet’s Takeaways from CyberDefenseCon 2023

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Now in its 11th year, CyberDefenseCon again gathered the world’s top leaders and innovators in information security to reexamine the threat environment and explore smarter ways of mitigating risk. In presentations and round table discussions held at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, CISOs and cybersecurity experts revealed the trends, challenges, and solutions that remain their top agenda items as 2023 draws near to a close.

The complex risks introduced by cloud-enabled supply chains and the widespread use of technologies like still concern many InfoSec leaders. Meanwhile, current conflicts in Ukraine and Israel — as well as past experiences with adversarial state actors — necessitated deep discussions on how best to protect critical infrastructures. Other IT executives focused on refining the best practices for DevSecOps and Zero-Trust implementation; how to drive both compliance and business performance in a rapidly shifting regulatory climate; and the practical task of making the right investments with a tight security budget.

TrustNet’s Take on Innovation

These concerns also occupy experts at TrustNet. But while there is no silver bullet that can solve every problem all at once, our 20 years of industry experience have taught us that groundbreaking innovations often originate from very simple ideas. Just being proactive in cybersecurity, for example, goes a very long way. Having full network visibility to rapidly detect and respond to threats before events escalate remains a reliable security tactic and an essential element of every business continuity plan.

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For designing and developing solutions based on this mantra, TrustNet has earned numerous awards from the same umbrella group that organizes the annual CyberDefenseCon event. Our Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) awards include citations for “cost-effective solutions” and “drive to innovate in unexpected ways to get one step ahead of the next breach.”

Trends and Challenges

Based on the discussions and our own research, here’s our outlook on the next phase of information security:

  1. InfoSec leaders have long graduated from just minding firewalls and maintaining antivirus software. Cybersecurity is now linked to diverse business functions including
  2. Businesses that navigate the digital economy with a risk-centric approach will be more resilient and more likely to succeed given the complexity and severity of emerging threats.
  3. The widespread adoption of IoT devices, generative AI, and similar technologies has dramatically expanded the attack surface of organizations.
  4. In response to the frequency and impact of data breaches, many jurisdictions and industries are enacting stricter data and privacy legislation.
  5. As highlighted in another major conference, cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem.

Next-Gen Solutions

Cyber risks have become so severe that companies can no longer afford to get blindsided. Cyberattacks can come from any direction at any time and hit any part of your network. Only a 360° view of your threat environment — and a proactive approach to mitigation — can save your company from catastrophic events such as data breaches, business lockdowns, and ransomware attacks.

A continuous 360° assessment of your digital infrastructure provides the following advantages:

  • Enhance Visibility and Real-time Risk Awareness: By collecting and analyzing data from various sources such as network devices, applications, and threat intelligence libraries, organizations gain a better understanding of their risk exposure and identify any gaps in their security controls. This allows for better-informed decision-making, more efficient resource allocation, and proper prioritization of critical risks.
  • Improved Incident Response: Continuous monitoring and evaluation enable companies to detect and respond to cyber threats more effectively, minimizing the potential impact of security incidents.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Ongoing assessment and improvement efforts help organizations maintain compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards, such as . A continuous assessment approach reduces the likelihood of regulatory violations and reputational damage.

TrustNet combines human experts, advanced technologies, and streamlined processes to simplify and reinforce your compliance and security posture. Our solutions have won industry awards and gained the confidence of hundreds of satisfied clients.

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Smart organizations — from startups to newly minted unicorns and mature enterprises — depend on TrustNet’s innovative answers to the most complex challenges of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. Our services are the go-to solutions for companies looking to simplify the process, cut costs, save time, and achieve optimal business outcomes.

What’s Next for Your Team?

Security and compliance have become business essentials. But they go even further. They can add fuel to your revenue engine, confidence in your brand, and a stronger lifeline to business continuity. By adopting proactive security measures, you can stay ahead of cyber threats and gain competitive advantage in markets where data protection is held at a premium.

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