CMMC Certification Cost

Sample Pricing

How much does the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions from businesses working to close contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD) is, what does CMMC certification cost?

There are three primary cost components to CMMC:

CMMC Gap Assessments

Initial assessment to determine the scope and identify gaps

CMMC Remediation

Cost of technology, procedures, and resources to become compliant and close the gaps found in the Gap Assessment

CMMC Certification

Recurring three-year cost to audit the controls and provide the CMMC Certification

The cost of CMMC certification is dependent upon several factors that include the CMMC level, the scope of the audit, the complexity of the processing, and the maturity of the controls. The overall cost of a CMMC Report is also influenced by the scope of the CMMC testing environment, size of the organization, and the number of locations and data centers.

Experienced assessors such as TrustNet provide a cost-effective approach to meeting the CMMC requirements without compromising information integrity. The cost for a typical Level 1 assessment starts at $20,000 and can range up to $100,000 for Level 5 certification. Managing the cost of a CMMC assessment is of course very important and a sound approach. As experienced assessors, TrustNet can provide long-term value to your organization. For nearly two decades TrustNet has provided cost-effective certification and audit services to hundreds of organizations, across all industries and around the world.

The DoD is considering the costs associated with implementing, supporting, and contracting with a C3PAO an allowed cost.