TrustNet Managed SIEM

TrustNet Managed SIEM

Detecting intrusions and other abnormal security events that impact your networks is the function of a group of integrated tools that monitor your applications, systems, and perimeter to ferret out potential intrusions or other threats from external bad actors. 

In most cases, your security team will be alerted long before an actual breach occurs, enabling you to derail the attack before it does its intended damage.

Because SIEM log management is a complex operation that often involves numerous human and digital components, IT teams are electing to outsource this all-important priority to organizations such as TrustNet who are single-mindedly dedicated to providing SIEM log monitoring, analysis, and aggregation using the most advanced tools and threat detection intelligence. 

Since ongoing siem log management almost always leads to a high volume of threat alerts, some of which are false positives, the knowledgeable professionals at TrustNet will be available around the clock to identify the genuine attacks and assist your team in addressing them with speed, efficiency and an eye toward preventing similar events in the future.

For an affordable subscription fee, all of the intelligence and human expertise centered in our security operations center (SIEM SOC) will be available to shield your valued assets against damage or intrusion. 

Organizations are steeped in a commercial climate that forces management and security teams to strike a balance between corporate mission and digital safety constraints. 

By working in tandem with TrustNet’s professionals and digital tools, your business can succeed in fulfilling its vital mission while simultaneously preserving the confidentiality and integrity of the information stored in and transmitted by your networks.

Gain Security Visibility Beyond Simple Event Logs

What can SIEM do that standard event logs cannot? For one thing, logs only go into effect after suspicion has been raised about a threat. 

Besides, they are only as effective as the security team and tools that record them. In other words, if your threat and intrusion detection technology are second-class, your logs cannot possibly rise above that mediocre standard. By contrast, siem log management brings with it many features that can take your organization’s digital security to the next level. They include the following:

  • Advanced detection technologies that are constantly evolving to reflect current and emerging threats
  • Ongoing analysis and triaging of security alerts that allow your team to respond only to genuine incidents
  • Supports and maximizes compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and other regulations. This enhances transparency and helps to engender trust with investors and other stakeholders.

SIEM as a Service: Delivering Effective Security

One of the primary advantages of siem log monitoring is that it constantly examines a large amount of data and then efficiently organizes it into a snapshot that reflects any potential security events that are currently threatening a company’s systems. 

Using a combination of human and artificial intelligence, it can discover correlations among thousands of data points, assisting a company’s in-house security specialists to proactively sight and eradicate danger as well as to determine how the potential breach exploited existing weaknesses in the security perimeter.

What is siem used for in addition to analysis of logs? When a company invests in SIEM-as-a-Service (SaaS), the onus is taken from in-house teams and placed with a company such as TrustNet that specializes in monitoring disparate data, analyzing it via top-shelf, evolving tools, assisting with regulatory compliance and mitigating threats before they happen from their siem soc. 

A SaaS company can manage a SIEM system on your premises or from the cloud. As soon as you hire your SaaS provider, a team of trained experts can immediately put their knowledge and technology to work without the need for complex storage systems or servers. 

The SaaS team you hire will also be adept at examining your systems components and third-party software for updates, digital safety, and compliance.

Our Commitment

Data security and compliance with industry standards and regulations are two of the highest priorities for today’s organizations. Any entity that stores, manages or transmit systems, employee, or customer information is responsible for keeping their digital assets shielded from cybercriminals and other intruders. 

TrustNet managed SIEM services will provide your business with the informed peace of mind that can only come when your team is working closely with one of the most experienced groups of information safety experts in the industry.

At TrustNet, our digital security specialists have more than a decade of experience in SIEM management, having worked with organizations in various industries located throughout the world. 

TrustNet pledges to bring the same top-flight knowledge and cutting-edge technology to your organization. Because we understand that each business is unique, we devote our time and full attention to learning about your company’s individual goals, constraints, systems, and challenges. 

Using this information and in collaboration with IT stakeholders, we will build and maintain a tailor-made security incident management system that will minimize your risks of breach or intrusion and assist you in quickly and effectively responding to any incidents that arise. 

Modern digital security represents a complex challenge. Because the stakes are high, you should only entrust your precious data to a company like TrustNet with the expertise and knowledge to keep it safe.