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“Threat intelligence is an integral facet of our offering as it provides the context, methods, indicators, and impact assessment on existing and emerging threats”

Managing threats in today’s information age is more of a necessity than a choice for organizations as attacks are increasing exponentially. However, staying ahead of the threat landscape and attack chain curves is a formidable challenge, as companies continue embracing digital transformation. At the forefront of this issue lie factors such as skills shortage, increasing expenses, and lack of holistic solutions that executes round the clock monitoring.

Nobody understands these problems better than TrustNet, a cybersecurity firm that continuously monitors the risk posture of organizations and manages cybersecurity effectively. The company brings to the table a managed security platform that provides in-depth awareness of clients’ IT infrastructure through an integrated monitoring and reporting suite.

TrustNet’s security offerings can be integrated with systems that are on-premise or on public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, private clouds on VMware or Hyper-V, and hybrid environments. TrustNet’s platform incorporates multiple defense mechanisms for threat detection. This includes analyzing logs real-time, executing vulnerability scanning — both internal and external — host-based intrusion detection within different devices, and file integrity monitoring, to name some. Through these mechanisms, the company successfully detects vulnerabilities and risks that can lead to a security breach.

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The managed security offering is further augmented by aggregating more than 19 million threat indicators coming from more than 100,000 network partners across 140 countries every day. Utilizing these threat indicators to create a cyber shield alongside its partnership with companies like iTrust, the company protects its clients from attacks that are orchestrated inside or outside of the organization, and risks emanating from vendor-platforms, and third parties. “Threat intelligence is an integral facet of our offering as it provides the context, methods, indicators, and impact assessment on existing and emerging threats. We leverage these deep insights to make quicker and smarter decisions for mitigating threats,” mentions Trevor Horwitz, founder and CISO of the company.

As a leading managed security services provider, TrustNet maintains quality at scale and provides trustworthy solutions at a competitive price. The company assures the best results by continuously monitoring a client’s digital infrastructure. Leveraging security operations centers that operate 24/7, TrustNet’s cybersecurity experts collaborate with clients to resolve critical security events. In addition to monitoring and preventing backdoor cyber activities, the security operations center significantly reduces downtime and rapidly initiates remediation processes.

The operation centers are managed by qualified cybersecurity professionals who utilize their decade-long experience in cybersecurity while serving the clientele. Moreover, for compliance requirements mandated by the regulatory bodies and government, TrustNet discerns the evolving needs of the customer and align those with various data security standards such as PCI, SOC, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and HIPAA. To ensure that services are delivered to its customers at an affordable price, the company utilizes a monthly subscription-based business model.

TrustNet’s caters to organizations from different industry verticals regardless of their size and complexities. For instance, a California-based retailer approached the company for managed security solutions to protect their payment system. The client was also required to meet PCI regulatory compliance in a very short period.

After a rigorous evaluation of the client’s critical IT infrastructure, TrustNet deployed its platform, which included an intrusion detection system, log management, vulnerability scanning, file integrity monitoring, and host-based intrusion detection. The platform brought the required level of security and secured the payment gateway while meeting all the mandatory compliance requirements. Moreover, TrustNet was able to deploy the solutions successfully in the stipulated timeframe.

TrustNet’s success in the cybersecurity risk management landscape stems from its 15 years of industry experience and the trust it builds with clients. “We build long-term partnerships with our clients by offering the right resources with the right qualifications and gain their trust,” says Horwitz. Be it intricate challenges in penetration testing, security awareness, or compliance assessments, TrustNet emerges as a trusted one-stop-shop for managed security services.